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The Little Ghost Town on the Prairie Ltd.

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Huey Gum Inn & Cafe

We are currently collecting the necessary materials to reconstruct this building.  We are projecting 2015 to have it completed as an Inn, Cafe and Workshop Retreat.


The Huey Gum Restaurant, Pool Hall & Rooms was moved to Del Bonita in 1954 from Whiskey Gap.  It had been converted to a garage and we are restoring it back to its original structure.  The front wall has been replaced with old windows we bought from a school house and a complimentary door that was from a retail store ripped down in Turner Valley.  We are currently collecting the wood to put back a partion wall inside, and the floor.  Once completed it will be an Inn to host individuals or groups for retreats and a cafe.  It would also make a wonderful movie set!


Follow along with our restoration project on the blog!

These are small holes that are in each room upstairs , you flipped up the flap to let the heat rise from the main floor.  The whole Inn was only heated by a cook stove so it would have been very chilly in your room in the morning!

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The Homestead House is just to the left of these string of pioneer stores, it was constructed so you could walk from the house into each of the stores...1912 mall. 

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